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The Business, Marketing & Management Track seeks to educate and inform developers about the business of game development and ways in which their business can be improved.


Who Needs Diversity? Everybody!
Mena Jacobs (THREAKS GmbH)
Patrick Moechel (SAE Institute Hamburg)
Annakaisa Kultima (University of Tampere)
Melinda Montano (Kongregate)
Sos Sosowski (THREAKS GmbH)
Why is diversity so important? How can we shape the industry to be more accessible? And how can we show in an open environment what the game industry looks like? Theses are the core questions of the panel, which consists of people from different areas within the industry. Journalists, developers and game designers are discussing, which ways and means already exist and most of all what the industry itself can do to be more open and more attractive to a larger group of people.
SMITE & HiRezTV: Going All in on Video and eSports for Community Growth and Retention
Todd Harris (Hi-Rez Studios)
So many games and so many MOBAs. Breaking through the noise requires an innovative game but also innovative marketing. This talk explains how Hi-Rez Studios used video content marketing and esports to help grow SMITE to over 20 million players Video marketing required only a small budget to get started but has since scaled to large event broadcasts with multi-million dollar budgets.
Forget Features! How Space Ape Grows Games Through Live Ops & Events
Simon Hade (Space Ape Games)
Space Ape is a 100-person studio yet only a handful of people are working on their live games. Learn how they continue to grow revenue month over month through sophisticated live operations that allow designers, product managers and other non technical team members to keep the game fresh with new content, troops, defenses and event types every week with little to no developer support.
Guerrilla Marketing - Games PR with Little Money, Much Insanity and Maximum Impact
Thomas Reisenegger (ICO Partners)
With hundreds of games released each day, just making a good game in 2016 is not enough anymore. Guerrilla Marketing is a relatively untouched field, which can give games a strong PR boost using only a small budget and acting outside of the regular press cycle. This talk explains the concept of Guerrilla Marketing, shows best and worst practice examples and data from PR stunts and their effect on media coverage and sales. The final part of the talk deals with the question of what it takes to come up with and pull off a successful PR stunt.
All the Insights, Data, and Trends
Joost Van Dreunen (SuperData Research)
Valued at $104 billion this year, video games have grown into a mature entertainment market. The popularization of new distribution channels (digital console, downloadable PC), new devices (mobile, VR), and new revenue models (free-to-play) have grown and fundamentally changed the games industry. This presentation will asses the current games market and how different publisher types navigate the new digital landscape. It will identify the key drivers of change and take a look at what's happening on the horizon.
8 Keys to a Long Career in Games
Don Daglow (4thRing Inc.)
Don Daglow has been creating games for the last 45 years, starting as a university student programming mainframe games for other students to play before the birth of the games industry. He has worked on every generation of game hardware from the beginnings of the industry to the PS4 and mobile games today. In this talk he'll use what he's learned in those 45 years to list 8 strategies that he believes will help you have a long and successful career in games.