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The Business, Marketing & Management Track seeks to educate and inform developers about the business of game development and ways in which their business can be improved.


8 Keys to a Long Career in Games
Don Daglow (4thRing Inc.)
Don Daglow has been creating games for the last 45 years, starting as a university student programming mainframe games for other students to play before the birth of the games industry. He has worked on every generation of game hardware from the beginnings of the industry to the PS4 and mobile games today. In this talk he'll use what he's learned in those 45 years to list 8 strategies that he believes will help you have a long and successful career in games.
In it for the Long Run - Sustaining Mobile Hits Over Years
Sophie Vo (Wooga)
They say it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. The same holds true for revitalising your mobile title. You have a passionate user base, you have years of good memories and (finally) stable code behind you but engagement is dropping along with your team's motivation. This talk will look at ways developers can take that old dog of a mobile F2P game, teach it big new tricks and give it a fresh lease of life. I'll delve into the risks and challenges developers face when adding new gameplay features and ways in which team leads can foster a rewarding and innovative development environment.