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Please note: this information refers to GDC Europe 2014, check back for updates.

The Business, Marketing & Management Track seeks to educate and inform developers about the business of game development and ways in which their business can be improved.


A Great Disturbance in Development: The Dark Side of Early Access
James Crowe (Bohemia Interactive )
Early access is fast becoming a dominant force in video game development. From independent studios to huge, publisher-backed AAA titles, opening up a game to players ahead of its official launch provides real benefits across design, QA, marketing and more. However, these rewards come at a cost. Using a range of examples from the development of Arma 3 -- from its public alpha to its beta, final release, and post-launch support -- the talk will examine the failures and successes of its early access strategy. It will also offer some techniques that can be used by other developers to perfect their own plans.
Second Screen, Second Nature
Desmond Lee (Finger Food Studios)
Desmond Lee, a veteran of the video game industry and a pioneer in the second screen space will be providing a personal story of his career and how it has shaped his unique views on this burgeoning opportunity. Finger Food Studios has led the second screen market with innovative applications, including Call of Duty: Elite Windows 8 second screen experiene and Dead Rising second screen experience, but most importantly, they have cultivated a specific consumer driven outlook that will help you build the next killer app. Come hear Desmond's approach to making second screen experiences second nature.
How the Top 50 Succeed with IAP
Mike Hines (
The top 50 apps are using in-app purchasing in ways that most developers don't. Amazon has collected data about how users engage with IAP in games, and we have reviewed how the most profitable apps are using IAP to monetize successfully. The talk will share this data with you, review different IAP implementations and review how purchasing behavior is distributed over price points and length of use. The talk will also cover what you can do today to implement the successful strategies of the top 50.
Ten Questions: Am I Ready to Go Indie?
Don Daglow (Daglow Entertainment LLC)
What really goes in to being indie? Is there a checklist that tells you what to do and when to do it? What do you give up and what do you gain? What are the perils that can turn that dream of building your own game into a long-term nightmare? Don Daglow has spent the last six years of his 40-year career working with small teams, and in this session he'll guide you through a feedback-rich dialogue with yourself about if, when and how you want to set sail on your own ship.
Clash of Clones: The Importance of Standing Out
Fredrik Wester (Paradox Interactive)
In today's market, more companies are trying to find success by emulating the ideas and methods of others; but the path to true success lies in daring to stand out, following your craziest ideas, and incorporating those ideas into every facet of your game. Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive, will explain the business advantages of originality, how to find and express your vision, why passion is unclonable, and the role of community based on his experiences leading Paradox through a decade of independent success.
In 3 Sentences or Less: Perfecting Your Pitch
Rami Ismail (Vlambeer)
In sixty minutes, Vlambeer's Rami Ismail will challenge the audience to get better at pitching their own game to press, to audiences and to platforms.
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