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The Business, Marketing & Management Track seeks to educate and inform developers about the business of game development and ways in which their business can be improved.

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Analytics in Action - Data in a Creative Culture
Phil Mansell (Jagex)
This talk will show how to use game analytics and player insights inside the creative process and discuss how integrating data can benefit development teams without undermining their creativity. Phil Mansell, studio head for stalwart MMORPG RuneScape, will lift the lid on Jagex's internal workings and show how analytics can be used as an essential resource which empowers creative decision makers. This talk will use case studies with real data from RuneScape and Jagex's in-house tools to give examples of how analytics and user research can assist in designing and tuning live games.
Unglamorous eSports: A Mount & Blade: Warband Case Study
Frank Elliott (TaleWorlds Entertainment)
In this talk, Frank Elliott will take a look at competitive game communities that don't have million dollar international tournaments, with a very personal, specific case study of Mount & Blade Warband's 6 year old amateur competitive scene. The presentation assesses why these communities exist, their actual importance and how game makers can respond to a community which organizes and competes all by itself. The place of amateur competitive communities, in the wider context of eSports as an exploding phenomenon, is also examined and cliché, but necessary comparisons are drawn with so-called "real sports".
Social Impact
Dmitri Williams (Ninja Metrics)
This session will recap the concept of the social impact of players on each other (Social Value), and then proceed to spell out which genres, mechanics and platforms are driving more or less of it. The data is presented in anonymized benchmarks from over 400m players across all genres and platforms. Also benchmarked are acquisition sources, broken down by publisher. Attendees will see which channels and appeals bring in quality social players. Countries are also presented, with a large difference in which have more (or fewer) influential players.
From Web to Mobile in the Kids Game Market
Clark Stacey(WildWorks)
Many companies' struggles in monetizing games for kids are well documented. How can developers create a monetization strategy for kids that is both lucrative and ethical? And just how big is this market anyway? WildWorks' experience taking their hit web property Animal Jam to mobile gave them a unique perspective and the freedom to experiment in this area.
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