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The Independent Games Summit represents the voice of the independent game developer at GDC Europe. It features lectures, postmortems and roundtables from some of the most notable independent game creators, including many former and current Independent Games Festival finalists and winners. The 2016 Independent Games Summit seeks to highlight the brightest and the best of indie development, with discussions ranging from game design philosophy, distribution, business, marketing, and much more.

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Please note: this information refers to GDC Europe 2015, check back for updates.

Fast Iteration Tools in the Production of the Talos Principle
Alen Ladavac (Croteam)
Croteam is a small team, yet our games were always ambitious in both production scope and quality. To make it possible, we have established a general approach concentrating on enabling fast iteration. The result is an environment of tools and services which help us work as efficiently as possible. Ranging from the build system, content editing tools, and source control, to the way we do bug reporting and automated testing... this talk will describe and demonstrate these tools and the difference they make in day-to-day development.
Hand-Made Detail in a Procedural World
Mark Johnson (University of York)
This talk will explore the difficult balance between hand-made and algorithmic content in games that use both. It firstly examines the benefits of each kind of content, focusing particularly on player-side questions of learning and game mastery, and developer-side questions of development time and effort. Secondly, the talk examines methods for "balancing" these two types of content and avoiding the temptation to add arbitrary procedural content that doesn't integrate with overall design goals. It then concludes by exploring methods for "hiding" the difference between algorithmic and hand-made content (and whether this is desirable), and blending the two into a seamless whole.
Tour Bueno - A Quest to Understand Creativity
Marius Winter (Major Bueno)
Accompanied by a documentary film crew, two German game developers, Major Bueno, visited eleven members of the European independent games scene. This seven week road trip, which took place in January and February 2015, saw Major Bueno create a new game together with their host at each stop along the way. The product of this tour is an eleven episode web series, documenting the process of how independent games are made.
"Tour Bueno" is ultimately a quest to shed light on the creative process of the indie game developer.


Thomas Grip
Frictional Games
Thomas Grip has been working as an indie horror developer for over 10 years. He co-founded the independent studio Frictional Games in 2007 and has since been part of making four commercial games; three games in the Penumbra series and most recently Amnesia: The Dark Descent, all which have gotten critical acclaim for evoking strong emotions. His primary roles in these productions has been as designer, art director and programmer.

His studio's most recent project, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, has achieved an especially great success. It is hailed as one of the best horror games ever and as of today has sold almost 750,000 copies, a vast amount for a small indie company without any financial or promotional back-up.

Currently, Thomas is working on an unannounced horror game that aim at exploring much deeper themes than anything Frictional Games has made so far. He is also part of producing the Amnesia follow-up A Machine for Pigs.
Lau Korsgaard
Copenhagen Game Collective
Lau Korsgaard is Co-Founder of Copenhagen Game Collective, a multi-gender, multi-national, non-profit game design collective based in Copenhagen. He has been involved in several of the collective's experimental games such as Dark Room Sex Game and B.U.T.T.O.N. and showcased games at festivals like Come out and Play, IndieCade and the Independent Games Festival. As his day job, Lau tries to make a living as game designer in the independent game studio KnapNok Games, which is exploring new genres of social, physical party games.
Kitty Calis
Kitty Calis is always busy connecting dots around the industry. She's currently in charge of marketing & PR for speedrunning platformer Action Henk and a part-time producer at Guerrilla Games. Being a jack-of-all-trades, Kitty has taken part in and originated many community initiatives such as the Local Multiplayer Picnic, Utrecht Indie Meetups, movie screenings, curation for Unity, as well as events like Control Conference and the Dutch Game Awards. Besides that, Kitty has spent 4 years as editor and project manager at industry publication Control Magazine, and has co-developed smaller games you've never heard of such as Fold, Microdoctor, and the award-winning Adventure Minute.


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