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In recent years, game industry production challenges have been split between massive budgets for AAA console games, and significant new production challenges from social, online, smartphone and other emerging types of game. The goal of the Production Track is to provide developers with concrete tactics for managing game production, no matter what size or scope your game is.


Please note: this information refers to GDC Europe 2015, check back for updates.

5 Ways to Boost Your Agility
Nathalie Goh-Livorness (Microsoft )
We all have ideas, but bringing them to life is no simple undertaking. How do you take something as complex as a game idea and make it a reality? Nathalie will discuss 5 ways for you to be more agile in your end to end development, by properly scoping your project and defining roles, as well as tracking your progress with effective planning walls and meetings.
The Weekly Adventure - News-driven Interactive Storytelling - Challenges & Techniques
Nico Nowarra (Experimental Game GmbH)
Thomas Franken (Experimental Game GmbH)
How to tell a meaningful and engaging interactive story in truly episodic form, producing and releasing a new sequel every week or even every day?
A fundamentally different and radical approach in the development and release procedures is required in today's games industry to get there. These changes are even more crucial if you want to publish story-driven games based on news and current events.
The session will demonstrate how these changes can be achieved and which steps are necessary to streamline a production pipeline accordingly. At the same time we introduce a technology that makes short release cycles feasible and helps you optimize the production process.