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Please note: this information refers to GDC Europe 2014, check back for updates.

In recent years, game industry production challenges have been split between massive budgets for AAA console games, and significant new production challenges from social, online, smartphone and other emerging types of game. The goal of the Production Track is to provide developers with concrete tactics for managing game production, no matter what size or scope your game is.


Unleashing The Wolf: Adapting Fables, Creating The Wolf Among Us
Chris Schroyer (Telltale Games)
This talk details the processes used by Telltale Games to adapt the award-winning DC Vertigo comic book series Fables into the episodic series The Wolf Among Us, following up on the successes of The Walking Dead. Touching on topics such as identifying key pillars of an intellectual property, finding opportunities for interactivity to expand an existing fiction canon, and crafting a narrative-based experience for IP aware and unaware audiences, this session dives deep into the elements that Telltale Games looks at when approaching a new series and bringing it to life.
Ten Questions: Am I Ready to Go Indie?
Don Daglow (Daglow Entertainment LLC)
What really goes in to being indie? Is there a checklist that tells you what to do and when to do it? What do you give up and what do you gain? What are the perils that can turn that dream of building your own game into a long-term nightmare? Don Daglow has spent the last six years of his 40-year career working with small teams, and in this session he'll guide you through a feedback-rich dialogue with yourself about if, when and how you want to set sail on your own ship.
League of Legends: An Outsiders Analysis
Teut Weidemann (Ubisoft Blue Byte)
As an F2P specialist, it's one of the tasks of Teut Weidemann to analyze the competition's successful F2P games. In this case, the biggest online game of the world is being analyzed: how it works, why it works and spiced with numbers.
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