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As new platforms emerge and existing platforms evolve, programmers face an ever increasing challenge to produce games that capture the attention of the public and the media. The Programming Track focuses on these challenges and the opportunities presented by next and current generation development including mature consoles, new handhelds, a highly competitive sales environment, and increased demand for very high production values in games.


Please note: this information refers to GDC Europe 2015, check back for updates.

DX12 & Vulkan: Dawn of a New Generation of Graphics APIs
Stephan Hodes (AMD)
Vulkan and DirectX®12 share many common concepts, but differ vastly from the APIs most game developers are used to. As a result developing for DX12 or Vulkan requires a new approach to graphics programming and in many cases also re-design of the Game Engine. This lecture will teach the basic concepts common to Vulkan and DX12 and help developers overcome the main problems that often appear when switching to one of the new APIs. It will explain how those new concepts will help games utilize the hardware more efficiently and discuss best practices for game engine development.
Adaptive Clothing System in Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Tomáš Barák (Warhorse Studios)
You just bought yourself a license to an engine and you think you are almost done? For those who want to create a realistic open world RPG the answer is: far from it! To support our ambitious game design we had to develop a lot of new technology and Tomas will talk about one of the major parts: our adaptive clothing system. It procedurally adapts multiple layers of clothing on our characters so they do not overlap and the quality is comparable to hand-made assets.
'Once A Cheater Always A Cheater': Gotta Catch`em All
Eugen Harton (Bohemia Interactive)
Developers are under constant duress to make their games cheat free. In the world of early access, modding, free to play and multiplayer, this is no small feat. Cheating has become a business, a problem that affects a lot of games, and pushes us to extreme measures and rather harsh decisions. This is a story of our fight during the development of DayZ.

The talk will examine the layers of protection, prevention, obfuscation and methods from both angles. It will focus on how to succeed in this rapidly changing environment, in detail, to be shared among other developers helping to perfect their own strategies.
License An Engine or Create Your Own?
Dietmar Hauser (Sproing)
License an engine or create your own? This question is often asked at the beginning of a new game project and the decision has profound effects on its whole life cycle and possibly even its follow up projects. This talk is about how and why Sproing has chosen to answer this question over the last decade and its repercussions.