Over the past few years, the free-to-play (F2P) model has revolutionized the games industry, from social games, to hardcore MMOs, to open Web and mobile games in general. Developers and publishers are grappling with the implications of service-based games, metrics-driven business, A-B testing, viral user acquisition, whales versus minnows ... a whole new way of doing business. Designers are grappling with the creative implications of a world in which gameplay and monetization is intimately intertwined, the social interactions between players, how the game grows in depth without losing its core audience, and how to keep the audience engaged in games with no ending. F2P games already dominate the Web and mobile ecosystems and are expected to become a major disruptive force on next generation consoles. Are you facing this brave new world with anxiety and questions? Then come to the Free to Play Design & Business Summit, where leading professionals from the F2P world can offer stress relief and provide answers. The Free to Play Design & Business Summit takes place Monday, August 19.

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Freedom to Play
Freedom to Play - Unlocking Unprecedented Creativity in F2P Games
Andrew Sheppard (Kabam)
There will always be a place for big-budget blockbusters but innovation is happening elsewhere. Designers have never had more freedom than with F2P games on mobile and social platforms. F2P is the biggest opportunity to innovate for core gamers since the introduction of the console. But how do you balance the tension between creativity and finances? What metrics should you pay attention to? How do you deepen engagement with players and keep them coming back? Attendees will get answers to these questions and more!
Game Design is Business Design
Game Design is Business Design
Ethan Levy (Independent)
The game industry has changed. A rapid shift is underway as we move from a packaged goods dominated past to a digital, free to play dominated present. The successful designers of our digital present are not only masters of fun, but also masters of business models and monetization. Attendees will learn about the changing role of game designers and how designers can successfully apply business design to their practice in order to best monetize free-to-play games.


Jami Laes
Rovio Entertainment
Jami Laes is the EVP of Games and head of the games division at Rovio Entertainment, where he started in the spring of 2013.

Mr. Laes, a seasoned game development professional, entered the games industry in 2000 to work on games published under Riot-E's Marvel license. After a stint in TV production, TV concept design and working as a technical editor in a computer magazine, Laes returned to the games industry in 2004. Since then, he has worked at Digital Chocolate, Playfish and Electronic Arts building global studio organizations to deliver world class social and mobile games. Jami has a Master of Science in Technology from Aalto University where he majored in Content Production and Information Business.

Jami is based at the Rovio HQ in Finland where he steers the Games unit as Rovio Entertainment keeps expanding globally.
Henric Suuronen
Non-Stop Games (formerly Wooga)
Henric Suuronen is a social games entrepreneur and investor. Currently he is president and co-founder of Non-Stop Games - an HTML5 specialized social games company. Before Non-Stop Games Henric was head of studio at Wooga and director at Digital Chocolate. During his career he has managed titles such as Magic Land, Millionaire City, MMA Pro Fighter, Tower Bloxx, Brick Breaker Revolution and over 30 other titles on mobile and desktop platforms. Henric also runs the popular social games blog


  • Jiri Kupiainen
    Rocket Pack
  • Kristian Segerstråle