GDC Europe offers a variety of sponsored Developer Days to choose from. Developer Days take course over a full day, providing deep-dive focus on each topic.

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Tuesday, August 12, 10:00-18:30

Design Amazon Developer Day (Presented by Amazon)

Learn more about our latest devices, including Fire phone and Fire TV. Fire phone lets you create games that respond to customers in a new way with Dynamic Perspective, and Fire TV makes it easy for Android game developers to reach a new audience in the living room. We'll provide details on the SDKs, show you how other developers are using these features and help you get started. You'll also hear more about the AWS services that will help you evolve your game and Appstore APIs that can help you make more money and engage more customers on our devices.


Reach Cross-Platform with Amazon Appstore for Android

The Amazon Developer day at GDC EU is the place for game developers to learn about building for the Amazon Appstore. Learn about the platform's reach and scale, Amazon's Fire OS, an Android-based platform, and our latest devices and services in Europe.

Engage More Customers with Immersive Game Experiences

Fire, the first phone designed and produced by Amazon, enables you to create new experiences that respond to the way the customer holds, views and moves the phone, and helps customers engage more deeply with your app through the enhanced carousel. First, you'll get acquainted with Fire's hardware and the Dynamic Perspective and Firefly SDKs. Then you'll hear from experienced developers about building innovative new games for Fire. Finally, we'll teach you how to build an enhanced Fire phone game using elements of the Dynamic Perspective SDK before opening up for a hands-on lab.

Fire Phone: Hands-On Lab


Increase Your Reach by Engaging Customers in the Living Room
Fire TV can help you increase your customer base by putting your existing game in the living room, in front of people who enjoy entertainment and may not have seen your games before. Learn more about Fire's capabilities and the SDK, hear from developers about their experience with Fire TV, and learn how to port and optimize your game for the big screen, including how to implement controller support.

Fire TV: Hands-On Lab

Architect Your Games for Maximum Profitability, Scale and User Engagement
You'll hear about the AWS services that will help you evolve your game to take advantage of cloud patterns such as in-game asset download, saving games to the cloud, online gameplay / stats, and game analytics. We'll also teach you how to publish HTML5 games to Fire phone, and discuss services that can help you engage more customers and make more money.


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