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The Visual Arts Track strives to educate artists and technical artists about methods for producing game art and animations; from stellar concept art techniques to post production best practices. Our focus for GDC Europe is how to produce exceptional art while reducing costs.

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Four Film Narrative Techniques that Every Designer Should Know
Chris Solarski (Solarski Studio)
Many developers have tried to emulate a filmic approach to game design, and many have failed because games constitute an artistic medium of its own right, with a unique artistic vocabulary. Nonetheless, there remain several film narrative techniques that are widely misunderstood by designers, which directly benefit from the emotional depth and scope of video games. This presentation will focus on the mechanics of film and animation transitions and their impact on the audience's engagement in a narrative. Featured video examples will illustrate the do's and don'ts of translating these techniques to gameplay, in-game visuals, and cutscenes in indie and AAA titles.
Designing Monument Valley: Less Game, More Experience
Ken Wong (ustwo)
Monument Valley lead designer Ken Wong talks about how the impossible art of M.C. Escher and being embedded in a UX studio led ustwo games to create a chart-topping game in which every screen was a piece of art. He discusses how rethinking games as user experiences inspired the team to trade challenging puzzles for an aesthetic journey, and why keeping that journey short but sublime won the game new audiences.
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