Exhibitor Resources

Please note: the information on this page reflects GDC Europe 2015. Check back for updates.

Exhibitor Portal
Log in to the Exhibitor Portal to submit your company description or other creative materials, and to register your booth staff for the event. This section is password protected. Please contact gdcsaleshelp@ubm.com with questions regarding access.

Exhibitor Services Manual (ESM)
Your guide to operations and logistics at GDC Europe, the ESM includes order forms for purchasing onsite furniture, utilities, and equipment. If you have an issue regarding show operations guidelines not covered in the ESM, please contact Dewi Hazes-VanDijk for assistance.

GDC Europe Exhibitor and Sponsorship Deliverables Page
Your resource for GDC Europe logos, banners and other promotional fare. This page also includes information regarding specifications for the show program, tote bag inserts, and public bin distribution.

How Do I Become a GDC Europe Exhibitor?

Who do I contact to book GDC Europe Exhibit space?
Contact your salesperson for details. See all Sales contacts here.

View exhibit opportunities at http://www.ubmgamenetwork.com/gdceurope/expo.php.
Is there a deadline for becoming an exhibitor?
To maximize your exposure on the GDC Europe website and marketing materials, we recommend you reserve space early. While exhibit sales do not close until three days prior to the event, exhibit space is limited to availability. If you are considering exhibiting, contact your account manager today for exhibition opportunities. See the current version of the GDC Europe Expo floorplan here.

Exhibition & Sponsorship Logistics

What are the move-in and move-out times for exhibitors?
Saturday 13/08/2016 – from 16.00 - 22.00 for Booth Space exhibitors
Sunday 14/08/2016 – from 08.00 – 18.00 for Turnkey Booth exhibitors
Tuesday 16/08/2016 - from 19.00 – 22.00 Booth Space and Turnkey exhibitors
All exhibit material should be cleared from the Exhibit Hall by 22:00.
*No exhibits may be removed before the exhibition closes on Tuesday afternoon (19:00 hrs) nor will any contractors be allowed into the halls until 19.00 hrs when all visitors are clear of the halls.
Who do I contact with service questions about exhibiting and my booth?
For questions on booth or sponsorship purchases, please contact your salesperson.

If you have already signed a contract and have questions about exhibiting or any booth logistics, contact:

Who do I contact regarding my sponsorship deliverables?
Once a contract is signed, please contact GDC Sales Help for any sponsorship questions. GDC Sales Help will inform you of all deliverables details including deadlines and shipping instructions a few months out from the show.

What are the booth height regulations and sightline restrictions?
There are rules stating the maximum allowable height of various booth sizes, which is maximum 3,00m.
What are the hanging sign regulations & restrictions?
Unfortunately hanging signs are not allowed in the Congress-Centrum Ost Koelnmesse. Alternatively you can order a printed sign which will hang over your booth. For this please reference the Exhibitor Services Manual.
Do I need to order drayage?
Drayage is the movement of show freight from the shipping dock to your booth. No matter how you get your freight to the dock at the Congress-Centrum Ost Koelnmesse, you are not allowed to bring your shipment onto the expo floor on your own - it must be done by union labor. Drayage costs are based on the weight and size of your shipment.
How do I handle shipping to the Congress-Centrum Ost Koelnmesse?
The Exhibitor Services Manual will list the information needed for shipping to the Congress-Centrum Ost Koelnmesse.
How do I order graphics, custom booths, furniture and carpet?
We can produce any signage that you need. Whether you want to add a logo to your Booth ID sign or order meter-sized boards, we can do it. The plus side to that is you don't have to ship your signage (and risk having it arrive damaged) and it is at your booth when you arrive. They can make most types of banners or signage at a competitive price. The Exhibitor Services Manual will list standard size prices.

The ESM will also list forms for custom booths, carpet, furniture rental, lighting orders and pretty much anything you need for a complete presence on the Expo floor.
How do I order lead retrieval, audio visual, electrical, internet, food, booth security or plants for my booth?
Your Exhibitor Services Manual will include all order forms
I need to go on the expo floor to assist in setting up the booth for only a short time, can I bring my baby or child with me?
Our insurance policy prohibits anyone under the age of 18 on the expo floor during move-in and move-out.
Where do I find information on tote bag inserts and publication distributions for sponsors?
For more information on tote bag inserts and publication distributions, click here.

Exhibiting Deadlines and Deliveries

What are the GDC Europe Expo ordering and delivery deadlines?
The Exhibitor Services Manual will have this information for you.

Event Guide Ads

When are the ad space and materials deadlines for the GDC Europe Show Program?
Information on the GDC Europe Show Program will be available here.
What are the ad specifications and delivery methods for the GDC Show Program?
Information on the GDC Europe Show Program will be available here.
Who do I contact about placing an ad in the GDC Europe Show Program?
Parties interested in sponsorship opportunities should connect with their sales contact here.

Hotel Reservations

How do I make hotel reservations?
Please visit the travel section of the GDC Europe website for a current list of hotels and rates.

Marketing & Sponsorship Opportunities

What are the marketing and sponsorship offerings at GDC Europe?
Please go here for the complete list of up to date exhibit and sponsorship opportunities for GDC Europe.
Where can I download web banners and buttons to promote my booth at GDC Europe?
Information on web banners and buttons will be available here.

Registering My Booth Staff

How do I obtain Staff badges for my booth staff?
Go to the Exhibitor Portal page on our web site to find directions and to register your exhibitor booth personnel. Pass allotments are based on booth size. Only register the staff who will be working in your booth. Please have your staff show identification (ID) to pick up their badges on site, exhibitor passes will not be mailed. If you need additional staff badges beyond your allotment please purchase in the Exhibitor Portal, under Step 3 "Purchase Additional Exhibit Staff Badges."
How many staff badges do I receive with my booth?
The quantity of staff passes you receive is based on booth size. Additional staff badges can be purchased for the cost of €160 per person + VAT in the Exhibitor Portal.
Booth Size Staff Badges
9m² 2
12m² 3
24m² 4

Press Attending GDC Europe

How do I obtain a list of the pre-registered press attending GDC Europe?
Official exhibitors may access the GDC Europe press list via their exhibitor portal login. The GDC Europe press list is available no sooner than approximately one month before the event. Your exhibitor login will be provided to you by GDC Sales Help.
How can I maximize press visibility for my company and products during GDC Europe?
Exhibitors and sponsors are allowed to bring media kits and other marketing materials to the press room starting on TBD.